100% of transactions are assessed to ensure the security and integrity your customers

We analyze all transactions processed to help Financial institutions establish monitoring rules. With those rules the ongoing monitoring process begins. Our solution will highlight all abnormal transactions to help you focus on analyzing what matters most and connect with your customers having all relevant facts at hand.

TRANSACTSAFE, a smart and efficient transaction monitoring platform.


Here are four key points financial institutions must know about TRANSACTSAFE – a transaction monitoring platform:

  1. Scalability and adaptability: Our solution can grow and adapt to the complexity of transaction volumes and types, as well as new financial crime risks, ensuring a long-term return on investment.
  2. Customization and rule flexibility: TRANSACTSAFE offers customization and rule flexibility, we build new rules and optimize monitoring based on various parameters.
  3. Customer support: ADVANTAQ offers ongoing customer support to clients, ensuring success of the solution once implemented, increasing performance over time by applying industry expertise and recommending improvements aligned with financial services’ evolving risks.
  4. Alert prioritization and machine learning features: Our solutions uses sophisticated algorithm and artificial intelligence (AI) to prioritize alerts based on risk levels, optimizing analysts’ time by identifying and investigating the highest-risk activities.