Quality Support Solutions

Managed services for regional & community banks and other financial institutions

ADVANTAQ is a managed services Solution Provider for regional and community Financial Institutions, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and specialists with unique industry expertise. We allow our Clients to focus on their Customers while achieving improved quality of service, lower operational risk and lower costs.

eKYC Compliance

Get your customers onboarded digitally and securely, we leverage the latest technology to confirm identity and verify the information on remotely uploaded documents.

eKYC Compliance Assurance

While most institutions track missing documents, they often do not track document expiry dates or periodic review dates, confirm client risk ratings/sanctions screening, nor verify that the documents held are for the customer intended.


Documents in CompliantCIF are indexed, storing the meta-data to a database that is searchable based on any criteria in the database.
How can we help?
Lower Your
operational risks
We do the heavy lifting in the background, providing strong operational controls and robust regulatory compliance that adhere to international best practises.
Increase your
bottom line
We leverage technology and global scale to reduce your operating expenses, improve controls and grow profitability.
Superior technology & specialized expertise
We level the playing field between Regional & Community Banks and their Global Competitors by providing World-class Technology and specialized technical expertise at affordable costs.
Improve your customer satisfaction
Our team is equipped to handle all the tedious and complicated processing so you can focus on sales and the customer experience.